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Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life 2017

Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life

This compelling Documentary moves beyond the spotlight and past the attention-grabbing headlines to give pop superstar Chris Brown a chance to tell his own story. New interviews with the international phenomenon reveal long-awaited answers about his passion for making music, his tumultuous and much publicized relationships, and the pitfalls of coming of age in the public eye. Also included is new concert footage, behind-the-scenes access, and special interviews from Usher, Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled, Mike Tyson, Jamie Foxx and others.

Genre : Documentary.
Runtime : 70 min
Format : Widescreen
HD : Includes 720p and 1080p.
Subtitles :
  • - English (Subtitles)

    What our members said..

    danielcrisp October 20, 2017 21:10 PM
    Super Cool
    rejuvinox October 20, 2017 20:23 PM
    nice movie
    jillshuttleworth1 October 20, 2017 19:26 PM
    I can't skip this guy's movies
    jasonwasey October 20, 2017 18:16 PM
    Thanks great movie. Sound, pic everything quality. From your pic I would say your a class act.. thanks
    robert October 20, 2017 17:42 PM
    Oh my gosh, very very good movie, I love all the casts
    nickf898989 October 20, 2017 17:15 PM
    Well done.
    peace_love_music2015 October 20, 2017 15:22 PM
    This looks like a good movie!
    panzu2008 October 20, 2017 14:38 PM
    Pure Amazing!!!!
    newsupersnakebros October 20, 2017 13:26 PM
    one more greatest movie n dolby digital sound thnks
    peter_macnamee October 20, 2017 13:40 PM
    p3airdale October 20, 2017 11:30 AM
    Thanks so much for the full movie!!
    princzz October 20, 2017 10:32 AM
    lo máximo ..en belleza varonil..UNICO..!!!
    pameladunsmore October 20, 2017 09:58 AM
    First time I watched. Thx for this
    oomonica October 20, 2017 08:49 AM
    Hi and thank you for the movie really enjoyed. cheers
    richard_chaplow October 20, 2017 09:44 AM
    This movie is now my all time favorite movie. The directing and acting was great. The filming angles, especially in the opening credits and bringing scenes of the movie, were unforgettable. Well done
    rhodescrs October 20, 2017 07:10 AM
    i love, love, LOVE this movie.
    pwarham October 20, 2017 07:18 AM
    Thank you for this film I liked it and I hope the new Thank you